Access to Kitanakagusuku Village

Okinawa Island MAP


<access from the present location to the main pivot spot in Okinawa>

We display course information (Google Map) to main spots in Okinawa with new window for the cause in the present location that we acquired from terminal information of the use.

※We acquire the present location from terminal of the use.
Depending on terminal and communication environment
We may not acquire the correct present location.

<access from Naha Airport to Kitanakagusuku Village main pivot spot>

We display course information (Google Map) from Naha Airport to Kitanakagusuku Village main pivot spot with new window.

Traffic information

As for the movement of trip to Okinawa, car movement is mainstream mainly.
There are rent-a-car and taxi, bus and is movable by vehicle which fitted purpose.
By using Route 58, 331, 329 as major road, become easy to access to destination.

Access> from <airport

The mainstream of moving method from Naha Airport includes taxi and route bus. It is charm that rate of basic fare district is slightly lower than the mainland.

[route bus, express bus]
Airport = Rycom
Express bus 152nd/970 yen one hour
Airport = Rycom
Futenma Airport Line 25th/860 yen 1 hour 15 minutes
Naha bus
Airport - Kishaba express bus 111th/920 yen 45 minutes

Naha Airport taxi stand, notice of bus stop

<Yui Rail>

City monorail which links Shuri Station from Naha Airport. One of the transportation that it is easy to use to tourist as we can predict time as there is not traffic jam, and access to Kokusai Street or Shuri Castle is convenient.

[rate] From Naha-Airport Station to Kenchomae Station
260 yen for adults child 130 yen
There is advantageous free ticket


Rent-a-car which most of tourists use. Car which we can drop off with richness locally includes types of car model. In addition, in late years you look for by all means, and please see as there is rent-a-car such as thing and go-cart which can get on Thai tuk-tuk.

<high speed>

It is expressway that, after all, is indispensable to Okinawa that is car society. As it is short between IC, it is easy to approach destination. Even short distance often uses expressway in Okinawa and is available casually. By the way, service area is two places of Nakagusuku and Igei.


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