The fourth Sakurakouji festival

Person from stone Heike assemblage sponsorship

With cherry blossom viewing of 300 cherry blossoms which planted a tree in the Futenma River (the prefectural second grade river) stone level ground ward,
Through walk of Sakurakouji, we enjoy rich natural environments and provide space of * palm with heart and physical health.

<time schedule>
11:00 - cherry blossoms cherry blossom viewing visit, vegetables spot sale
13:00 - stage event

<event contents>
・Cherry blossoms cherry blossom viewing, Sakurakouji walk
・Ryukyu classical music, Ryukyu dancing
・Band, hula
・Karaoke, eating and drinking corner

※Stone level ground ward is narrow, and it is not in vacant land either. Securing of parking lot is difficult in area and affects life of local inhabitants when car invades and is parked on the road. I would like cooperation to have you use designated parking lot on visit by car.




Detailed information

Event name The fourth Sakurakouji festival
Event site -
The date 2018.02.11 ... 2018.02.11
Holding time 11:00-17:00
Venue name Stone level ground ward
Address -
Parking lot Former Okinawa region club parking lot
Rate Free of charge
Sponsorship Person from stone Heike assemblage

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