howlive art weekend

Art that art, art to drink to see that interchange type office howlive suggests makes

Closing party with Awamori prince
8/10 Saturday 20:00-22:00 entrance fee 500 yen
As "business trip bartender of one-night stand", Akira Semba of membership system bar "Awamori warehouse" goes on the platform to the people in the know.
There is Awamori Sangria which even person who does not like Awamori is easy to drink ♪ Let alone Awamori, liquor to be able to drink only here including local whiskey and lamb of Okinawa comes up. Deluxe two hours to be able to learn history and delicious how to drink liquor from Awamori prince. As a lot of this art event participation artist is going to attend, do you listen to story about favorite art, too?
It is sure special event of one-night stand, that it swells!


Art ~8/11 Sunday to see
▼Appearance artist, work display sale
Ikumi Kakazu (ceramic art) /KW (gurafuti)/
Chibana good luck Osamu (colorfully-dyed pattern) /Denpa (abstract picture)/
Yuki Tomura (ceramic art) /nami (illustration)/
yonaharataichi (picture) /bin OKINAWA (colorfully-dyed pattern)/
Fluorescence MAD FAN CLUB (neon)

Live paint 8/10 Saturday, 8/11 day Sunday
Paint live in howlive shop by Denpa&MS.LITTLE CHICO! We will look at the production spot of art!


Art 8/10 Saturday, 8/11 day Sunday to drink
We drink coffee that it was selected carefully while experiencing live event, workshop!


Art 8/10 Saturday, Sunday, August 11 to make
Colorfully-dyed pattern workshop/entrance fee 1,000 yen
Let's experience folkcraft "colorfully-dyed pattern" of Okinawa!
The making of coaster (with approximately one hour, material)

Potter's wheel experience/entrance fee 200 yen
yachimun studio is constipated
We will touch soil of Okinawa in potter's wheel experience! (approximately five minutes)
※This experience becomes only potter's wheel experience and takes to go and does not burn.



Detailed information

Event name howlive art weekend
Event site https://www.facebook.com/howlive.okinawa/
The date 2019.08.08 ... 2019.08.11
Holding time 10:00-20:00 (on the last day until 17:00)
Venue name howlive Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom shop
Address 4 blocks in Kitanakagusuku-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa laying upon land readjustment project area
Parking lot Available
Rate No charge for admission
Sponsorship howlive

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