Summer small film festival in Kitanakagusuku Village ayakarino forest

Movie is nutrition of heart!

Child International Film Festival in Okinawa <KIFFO (kifo)> is 3-day film festival when we put the eve held in Naha-shi of Okinawa in November every year.

We show foreign countries work 2 work and Japanese work 1 works including the Japanese first public exhibition work in thought to want you to feel the world through movie at time when the small time is impressionable. Both adult and child are special film festivals that can see genuine movie for 1 work 500 yen (advance sale price) so that we hit Japanese dubbing in small children of around 5 years old in foreign countries work from thought to want you to see movie with family, and there are few economical burdens even if we see again in the whole family.

And there is another charm of the child International Film Festival for the experience to create film festivals together while child judge and the child volunteer staff challenge various things.


Titled in Kitanakagusuku Village, we hold event in village ayakarino forest this time.



Detailed information

Event name Summer small film festival in Kitanakagusuku Village ayakarino forest
Event site https://kukuruvision.com/kiffo/
The date 2019.08.10 ... 2019.08.17
Holding time It is chattering fair at screening, half past 17 at venue, 16:00 at chattering fair, half past 15 at screening, half past 14 at venue, 13:00 at half past 12 on Saturday for venue, 18:00 screening, half past 19 chattering society/17 days at half past 17 on Saturday for ten days
Venue name Kitanakagusuku Village ayakarino forest
Address 1214, Kishaba, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa
Parking lot Available
Rate Adult, child common one 500 yen
Sponsorship KIFFO
Reference 098-983-8060

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