The second "lecture about sightseeing"

To become destination (area making money) of sightseeing


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We listened to lecture by sightseeing promotion seminar in August, 2018 and prayed even for Kitanakagusuku Village by all means when we would talk and called out. Lecture at that time was "point to concrete procedure and realization of DMO construction", but was story that we brought example which arrived at DMO because good one investigated local essential problem into. It was very plain story including collection and management of customer information in way of thinking and level in level and consumption activity. Words that you are hard to understand called DMO do not go out alone, and when you understand from the origin and want to think about sightseeing promotion together, you pray, and please give a lecture.

(note) DMO: It is group, organization performing sightseeing community improvement in cooperation with area

Detailed information

Event name The second "lecture about sightseeing"
Event site -
The date 2019.01.30 ... 2019. 01.30
Holding time From 18:30 to 20:30
Venue name Central part Tokushukai Hospital 1F lecture room
Address The 2 block first in Kitanakagusuku-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa laying upon land readjustment project place
Parking lot Available
Rate Free of charge
Sponsorship (no company) Kitanakagusuku Village Tourism Association
Reference 098-923-5888

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