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Of Aasa that Okinawa one is delicious is produced; (stud)

Aasa (hitoegusa) which is familiar at table of Okinawa

Did you know that 70% of amount of production in Okinawa was produced in Kitanakagusuku Village? We heard story from Yasunobu Tanaka of Sashiki Nakagusuku fishery co-op Kitanakagusuku branch branch length how special product, Aasa which Kitanakagusuku Village was proud of this time were cultivated.

●Natural kind charge account to begin in August in the old calendar

Photograph of culture place of Aasa


There is image called thing which is produced freely if Aasa goes to the sea very near, but please tell how you actually cultivate.


Photograph of cultivated Tanaka of Aasa

Tanaka (the following honorific title abbreviation)

"Generally we start stud by August 15 of the old calendar, but gap of around one week occurs by the year. But it is not so, and, just because of 15th, "let's delay for around one week because we are still warm" judges, "let's do slightly early this year" by longtime perception as producer on an individual basis if it is said whether producer starts stud all at once on the day. But we are based on August 15 basically in the old calendar and pin sets up net for stud and comes."

● Typhoon measures and maintenance

By "culture", there was man-made image, but is done stud in accordance with nature very much. August is September in the solar calendar in the old calendar. It is hit month of typhoon in Okinawa, are any measures right done?

"Measures in particular do not beat about typhoon. Do you regulate high clutches after typhoon? We do work to return to the sea after we unload as "a sign" of Aasa comes out of head in around the middle in solar calendar October (old calendar September) while confirming growth condition of condition and bud of net, and water washed net with high pressure pump.

Aasa wins over dirt and grows up when we keep dirt intact. Processing of net is essential if we think that we mend really good Aasa as dirt enters as alien substance in crop.

After having washed away with pump, we divide net into each piece and do this tension. Unlike time of stud, it becomes easy to grow up by letting you slack, and swelling."

● Condition as base production center

We bring up in form that people sometimes take care of while seeing the situation of nature. By the way, Ryoba of Kitanakagusuku Village is authorized as base production center (note *) by the prefecture, what kind of characteristic one is it?

"The best characteristic is the topography. It must be tideland basically to bring up good Aasa. Time when the most important one sinks into growth of Aasa in opportunity and time when it dried up matching that. As we photosynthesize, it becomes important at time when light is. It is Kitanakagusuku Village that condition of all of was regulated and can say that it increased to current amount of production."

Aasa right felt that it was blessings of nature itself of Kitanakagusuku. Aasa of more Kitanakagusuku Village wants area to root.

Thank you for your Tanaka, story.

*Base production center authorization: We form base production center where we can ship the appointed hour, fixed-quantity, constant quality to in prefectural agriculture water part to plan production promotion of strategic item and push forward establishment of Okinawa brand trusted by market.





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