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Kitanakagusuku, side trip spot

We introduce recommended side trip spot that wants to be visited once by all means.

~ side trip spot ~


Nakagusuku ruins of a castle image

Nakagusuku Castle

gusuku (castle) leaving remains of an ancient structure at the time of construction of a castle for best is like pyramid by one cup of force.

Kitanakagusuku that we can look around 1/3 of Okinawa Island including kyukoshima and shorenhanshima when we stand on the castle wall, and thing to like including feeling fine stylish cafe and nature is the end.

It is GO to walk under the theme of "we visit ancestors of village"! Reservation of guide to Nakagusuku Castle combination management meeting




Nakamura famiry image

Country-designated important cultural property Nakamura famiry House

Nakamura famiry House which feels comfortable wind even if we are where in mansion is prefectural oldest house said to have been removed and rebuilt 300 years ago from Shuri to Kitanakagusuku.

Farmers who were mediator of village bought building which was samurai residence originally.

It is that purpose that building for agriculture including above-ground house-type warehouse is added.

Nakamura famiry House which progenies of Nakamura famiry spent until just about 30 years ago.

One step is place feeling we miss, and mysterious that is captivated by old Kitanakagusuku, and has been crowded when we set foot.




Ogusuku communities image

Ogusuku communities

Large Chengqu where the making of scenery, community improvement are prosperous as castle town of Nakagusuku Castle.

"Ogusuku Grandfather Cherry Blossom fair" that formed flower in beloved men 55 years or older plays a key role and pushes forward the "village of art among flower and green" making of.

Art objects that it nestles in many places of communities we walk large Chengqu, and to get a lot of looks.

University of fine arts prefectural in these and gift of "sculpture kajimaya plan" which we performed.

Please eyes of people that sculptures of terra cotta which 99 bodies were installed in in ten years go way and children touch directly and enjoy.






ayakarino forest image

ayakarino forest

Facility where ayakarino forest is available to library function, experience, learning function, the accommodations, field service open spaces.

Above all, opening-like comfortable space that wi-fi is fully equipped with library, and scenery of Kitanakagusuku can overlook.

In-hotel use is possible in Kitanakagusuku Village outside.

Besides, in rich natural environments including dormitory and camping facility, it is point that can enjoy field service including barbecue cooking in kashigiji*, natural observation, observation of butterfly!


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