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Special product, oldness and choice of Kitanakagusuku Village

Special product of Kitanakagusuku Village

Special product utilized individuality of village


Special product of Kitanakagusuku Village is famous for Aasa (hitoegusa) growing up in good environment. High quality Aasa is proud of prefecture one to amount of production in the prefecture.
By members of Kitanakagusuku Village business and industry society, chinsuko with Aasa and Aasa steamed bun, Aasa furikakenado, products utilizing Aasa increase year by year, too.
In addition, in late years cultivation of houseplants such as dracaenas is prosperous, too, and shipment of tropical fruit trees such as passion fruit, mango, dragon fruit increases, too

Aasa (hitoegusa


Culture of Aasa (hitoegusa) is carried out in tideland of bisakijisaki, and high quality Aasa is produced.
Season of crop is from January to the middle of March.
Crop experience is possible by prior contact, too.



Chinsuko which can be also known as traditional cake of Okinawa.
We make delicious chinsuko with chinsuko maker of Kitanakagusuku Village one after another newly.

Passion fruit


Passion fruit of Kitanakagusuku Village is good as refreshing flavor and high sugar content; acid in taste.
Crop is the beginning of February, the beginning of June, the beginning of September.



Warm climate condition of Kitanakagusuku Village is suitable for floriculture including orchid.
Orchid is village flower of Kitanakagusuku Village, the golden age of crop is the end of May.



Cultivation areas increase for these past several years, and houseplant is shipped to the mainland.
Enjoy, and, as for dracaenas and herikonia, roselle, the ginger, designs such as shape, color, irregularity of leaf are used in hotel and office, restaurant as there is relaxation effect.

We have special products of Kitanakagusuku Village as article of thanks by hometown tax site "hometown choice". Please inflect.

Oldness and choice

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