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Let's go for 3, Kitanakagusuku-son large Festival

Kitanakagusuku Village young man EISA Festival

All young men society of Kitanakagusuku gathers. On the stage of world heritage, feshi (shout) of young men harmonizes with sound of large drum shaking soul, and heat of venue reaches at the climax.

The date and time: The beginning of September
Place: Nakagusuku Castle


Kitanakagusuku Shiosai Festival

Event "Kitanakagusuku Shiosai Festival" of Kitanakagusuku Village maximum.
Two days when charm of Kitanakagusuku to be able to enjoy from dance by traditional arts and various groups to street dance, band performance was jam-packed.
Of attention "came, smell, beautiful Kotobuki is not crowded"; as for the cover Russian eyes.

The date and time: October
Place: shiosai Park


Sunflower IN Kitanakagusuku

Festival of "sunflower" which is the earliest in Japan.
It is major event where all become smile to sunflower of the all over the field "depth of winters" to bloom as far as we look around.

The date and time: The late February and early March
Place: shiosai Park neighborhood

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