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We thoroughly enjoy goat stew, goat sashimi in store specializing in goats Nanzan of Kitanakagusuku

It is goat (he jar: Okinawa dialect of goat) dishes ... in well-established "Nanzan" of ... Kitanakagusuku

It is founded, and in late years there is "store specializing in Ryukyu dishes goats Nanzan" (nanzan) of more than 20 years to Shimabukuro of Kitanakagusuku Village doing well in restaurant including cafe.

There may be many people remembering Nanzan speaking of goat dishes, goat stew in Kitanakagusuku Village neighborhood.

Photograph of the store specializing in goats Nanzan store front

There is the word Kusuimun in Okinawa from the old days. It means food becoming medicine with Kusuimun, food good for the health. For way of thinking of the medicine food same source that this eats thing which is good for body and maintains health, we say dishes, food, material that it is to nourishment, and goat dishes are one, too. It is behaved in auspicious occasion and is still goat dishes which are continued eating as nutrition and invigoration.

It seemed to be opportunity that goat restaurant which was near the shop where the master committed that Mr. and Mrs. Kuniyoshi of storekeeper began shop in those days closed a shop. Then we studied and made, but it was difficult to finish goat stew deliciously and had days of trial and error.

Photograph of Kuniyoshi of store specializing in goats Nanzan storekeeper

In that way made goat stew is doing plainly and is easy-to-eat taste for the first person. When ask about feelings; in "carefulness from preliminary arrangements. We think whether it is lye that smell is hard and we take lye properly and make. They do shop, and they are long, but there is not particularly, and feelings make carefully hard. In one and Kuniyoshi who are not delicious when not so. It yearns for eating person, and it may be feelings, the secret of taste that make carefully.

Photograph of store specializing in goats Nanzan goat stew set meal

We have promptly. It is "goat stew set meal" goat stew and goat sashimi and Chi-irichi (fry-up of blood of goat) and rice that had.
(goat ※ photograph sashimi is quantity when we ordered in one piece of article. Goat sashimi coming in set meal is rather more less.)


They spread plainly and were beginner goat stew of Nanzan said to turn, but, after all, both smell and taste were unique. As there are many people weak in smell, please put mugwort and ginger if you like. That, as for the person to like, there is eating person without anything being able to enter. Goat sashimi which was pinkness changed completely with goat stew, and there was slightly few I smelling and was delicious softly. In addition, there seem to be many people who skin is to arriving to sashimi, and have you like crunchy texture in goat. Because a lot of customers from outside the prefecture eat goat stew, there seems to be the next person gone high.

Store specializing in goats Nanzan goat sashimi photograph

ei udakeatte Nanzan is particular about goat and does not stock "store specializing in goats" in market, and exclusive belonging seems to stock goat whole one of them. So we can provide goat dishes such as fresh sashimi or Chi-irichi.

In addition, as well as goat dishes, it is sure to get that we can enjoy in families as set meal menu including general Okinawan cuisine aligns abundantly.


Basic information
Address   : Kitanakagusuku-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa character Shimabukuro 1391-2
Telephone   : 098-932-3736
Business hours : 11:30-23:00 (L.O 22:30)
Regular holiday  : On Monday
HP   : Unavailable

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