About Kitanakagusuku Village Tourism Association


Kitanakagusuku Village Tourism Association summary
Corporation name General Kitanakagusuku Village Tourism Association
The location
4 blocks in Kitanakagusuku-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa laying upon land readjustment project area

Telephone: 098-923-5888
FAX: 098-923-5839
e-mail: info@kitapo.jp

Representative kaichohanasakiitsugi
Business outline
  1. Sightseeing strategic planning, investigation, analysis, promotion and the management
  2. Invitation, guidance, acceptance, environmental maintenance of tourist and disaster correspondence
  3. Support such as group to be able to put in the field of sightseeing and individual and promotion of cooperation
  4. Sightseeing-related personnel training, support and utilization
  5. Plan, development, advertising, sale of sightseeing product and the support
  6. Promotion of sightseeing resource conservation, development and the use
  7. Plan of event and conduct
  8. Trust business operation and management administration such as facilities
  9. Film Commission business
  10. Wide area cooperation about sightseeing with other municipalities
  11. National strategy special ward outside the area local people stay facility management business and the hotel business
  12. Travel agency based on Travel Agent Act
  13. Agency duties of insurance against loss
  14. Business about sightseeing promotion
  15. Business necessary to achieve purpose of our other corporations


Kitanakagusuku Village Tourism Association member
Full name Position organization Post
Chairperson hanasakiitsugi Former Kitanakagusuku Village parliamentary speaker
Vice-chairperson Miyagi enthusiast Expo Futenma driving school President
Director Sato readjustment AEON Mall Co., Ltd. Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom
General manager
Akihiro Nakamura AEON RYUKYU Co., Ltd. Ion Rycom shop manager
Toshiyuki Ohara EM wellness resort Operating officer general manager
Khatnani Dinesh Vishnu Southern Village Representative director
Saho Hirase Center tourist President general manager and AEONTOWN Co., Ltd. shop unification manager
Kenichi Matahashi Medical corporation Okinawa Tokushukai Central part Tokushukai Hospital office manager
Yoshino Taira Plaza house President
Koji Miyabayashi kabushikikaisha* foodservice Representative director
Inspector Satoru Higa Kitanakagusuku Village Vice-village mayor
Satoru Yamakawa Kitanakagusuku Village business and industry society Vice-chairperson
Advisor Kunio Aragaki Kitanakagusuku Village Village mayor
Yoshihiko Higa Kitanakagusuku Village assembly The chairperson
Kunio Asato Kitanakagusuku Village business and industry society Commercial and industrial chairperson

Enrollment guidance

We would like to have agreement or many people whom you can support enroll in purpose of our association.

Classification of member

Member of our association assumes two kinds of next.

  • Regular member: Corporation having address in Kitanakagusuku Village or individual or group
  • Supporting member: Corporation which does not have address in Kitanakagusuku Village or individual or group
Membership benefit

Our association sends Kitanakagusuku Village as "Bunkamura where mind and body are healthy together" and will heap up village by performing advertising, attracting tourist to tourist.
In addition, we work on offer of useful information and various support to members.

1. Offer of sightseeing related information

We acquire information of tourist visiting Kitanakagusuku Village by questionnaire or big data analysis and analyze and offer useful information to members.

  • We come, and where does tourist visit how many people when from where?
  • What kind of route and time do you come in?
  • What kind of thing are you thinking about? ・・ ・ nado

2.Help of promotion

We help public information such as publication to public information medium and introduction, sokyaku in the information desk, store or product of members including advertising by event.

  • Design, production such as advertising media or package
  • Advertising, sale by guidebook, guidance booklet, Web site, various home and abroad events
  • Advertising, sokyaku ... by tie-up with trip plan

3.Help of other various business
  • Company introduction and cooperation promotion to demand between members
  • Ordering by Film Commission business (support accompanied with shooting activity in area)
  • Menu introduction, support for subsidy and grant utilization
    • Okinawa brand-name products creation promotion support project
    • Medium and small-sized business problem solution project promotion business
    • Local employment development grant, workplace fixation support grant, career up grant ...

Member annual convention costs

We assume small 5,000 yen and determine the minimum number of persons every member classification.

List of Kitanakagusuku Village Tourism Association annual convention costs
Regular member Corporation More than two shares, there is no upper limit
Individual or
Group except corporation
More than one share, there is no upper limit
Supporting member Corporation More than six shares, there is no upper limit
Individual or
Group except corporation
More than two shares, there is no upper limit

Reference about the enrollment

Please contact contact information as follows if you have any questions about presentation documents and the enrollment.

Kitanakagusuku Village Tourism Association secretariat charge: Fujimoto

TEL: 098-923-5888
FAX: 098-923-5839

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