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About fire of Shuri Castle

November 13, 2019

About fire of Shuri Castle

On October 31, 2019, seven, cultural assets higher than about 400 points of "inner study" (we put) suffered damage by fire "the second floor palace" (nikeudun) "golden palace" (kuganiudun) "study, kusarikorekan" (shoin shines drink) "Kita" and "south palace" including "main shrine" of Shuri Castle which it was world heritage, and was one symbol for citizens of Okinawa.

For Kitanakagusuku Village having one "Nakagusuku Castle" of world heritage "Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu" of Okinawa that is nine including Shuri Castle with Nakagusuku-son, in Shuri Castle, there is, so to speak, even feeling like friend.
We, Kitanakagusuku Village Tourism Association are greatly deeply worried about all the staff younger than chairperson, this fire, too. There are not words when we think feeling of people concerned who loved Shuri Castle to regrets, not only mental agony but also prefectural inside and outside, foreign countries to be.

We already include to each area, group, individual inside and outside the prefecture, and support such as donation activity or charity begins, but think that we want to do some kind of support for the Shuri Castle reconstruction as Kitanakagusuku Village tourist association. We hope to announce what kind of support you perform once it's been decided.
Kitanakagusuku Village Tourism Association prays for the speedy Shuri Castle reconstruction.

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