Privacy policy

In KITAPO (the following, this site), we establish the following privacy policy (basic policy about personal information protection) about collection, the use, management of personal information and handle appropriately and act for the making of homepage that can use in peace.

With personal information

It is this site, and it is information about individual, and, in gleanings, authorized individual is distinguished or we can be distinguished and say (address, full name, phone number, E-mail address).

About collection of personal information

When we collect personal information in this site, it should be reporting by will of user and makes the collection purpose clear and, in range necessary to achieve the purpose, performs this.

Use of personal information purpose

As a general rule, we use for the answer about inquiry to this site, and personal information to collect in this site is intended that we use for future improvement about opinion for this site, request.

We set a limit to offer of personal information

Personal information that we collected does not disclose personal information to third party unless we correspond to any of the following.
・When there is agreement of user
・When disclosure is necessary based on laws and ordinances

Management of personal information

We carry out appropriate security measures to prevent leak, loss, manipulation and manage personal information that we collected.

Change of privacy policy

We observe laws and ordinances or other models applied to personal information that this site holds and act as content of privacy policy for review, improvement depending on changes such as laws and ordinances appropriately.

About change, notice of privacy policy

In this site, we may change contents of privacy policy without prior notice with changes such as laws and ordinances and change of administration policy.
As you do not perform notice to user, in the case of the use, please refer to the latest content of this page.

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