Country-designated important cultural property Nakamura famiry House

It is prefectural oldest house that it is country-designated important cultural property, and has both Japanese building and China architecture charts of the Muromachi era.

Photograph of Nakamura famiry porch

Nakamura famiry House which feels comfortable wind even if we are where in mansion is prefectural oldest house said to have been removed and rebuilt 300 years ago from Shuri to Kitanakagusuku.
Farmers who were mediator of village bought building which was samurai residence originally.
It is that purpose that building for agriculture including above-ground house-type warehouse is added.
Nakamura famiry House which progenies of Nakamura famiry spent until just about 30 years ago.
One step is place feeling we miss, and mysterious that is captivated by old Kitanakagusuku, and has been crowded when we set foot.


Detailed information

For name, address, parking lot, business hours of each spot, we list detailed information including telephone on regular holiday.
Name Country-designated important cultural property Nakamura famiry House
Address 106, Ogusuku, Kitanakagusuku-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa
Parking lot Available
Rate, mean budget Adult: 500 yen
In middle and high schools life: 300 yen
Primary schoolchild: 200 yen
Reservation Unnecessary
Business hours 9:00-17:30
Regular holiday On Tuesday
Telephone 098-935-3500


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