kumishi take (we take part and hold)

Located at the southeast in Toguchi Midori Park, it is also called kubaji take (daki) in haisho in near the mentor bridge spanning to romegara (river in front).

kumishi take 1

With small shrine of tile-roofing, it is 145cm in height, 118cm in width, 94cm in depth. Ceiling, wall of right and left are made with one piece of German millet stone (the Quaternary period terrace-related limestone) each, and it is piled up two pieces, and five stone bodies are enshrined on backward wall among them. When maintenance of Toguchi Midori Park was carried out in 1988, roof of small shrine was repaired, too. It is said that far-off father of Atsuta can trace to Miyagi Buddha's wish for salvation of the world (shrine Kuniyuki, Miyagi Mitake) in mountain behind of Toguchi. We move to Western level ground of kumishi take from there, and therefore we form communities, and it is said that we further emigrated to current position. Until the last Great War, aged person says to Miyagi Buddha's wish for salvation of the world that we went to umachi (former February 15, former May 15, former June 15) for worship as village. There is old well to communities trace of kumishi takeseisoku and worships even now as village in each umachi with kumishi take.


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Name kumishi take (we take part and hold)
Coordinate 26.303367, 127.808524


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