Monument <shirokien> of Sanskrit characters (bonjinohi _ is white act)

It is Sanskrit characters monument at mansion of Asato with two engines (A B).

Monument (shirokien) of Sanskrit characters 1

One engine (A) is built on the stone wall towards the crossroads (photograph), and there is other one engine (B) behind mansion and is built towards the outside. Quantity of law, A monument: 56.5cm in height, 32.5cm in width, thickness 11cm. B monument: 49cm in height, 20cm in width, thickness 10.5cm. Each of the two materials infinitesimal grain sandstone (nibinufuni). It is said that it was at the same position from prewar days. shirokien seed (Sanskrit characters that indicated kakuson in meaning of seed character in one character) of ichitabusabunshu (is also known as one character Bodhisattva of wisdom and intellect, and express Bodhisattva controlling wisdom in one character). We break all evilness, and it is said that we protect the person, family, people in world by advocating one time of two times - seven times. It is said that there is good remedy (effect) of yasusammotomeji. The family and local person do not worship this monument and consider that charm plays its part like ishikan*.


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Name Monument <shirokien> of Sanskrit characters (bonjinohi _ is white act)
Coordinate 26.291434, 127.797994


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