ganoku (ganya)

Building which kept gan.

ganoku 1

Palanquin painted in red which carried coffin to grave was called gan (cancer) generally and, in Kishaba, used gan after the last Great War for a while. Building which kept gan is ganoku, and the west of Kishaba communities is for gap and is built northward. It is arched, and roof puts two pieces of stones together, and outer wall fits, and be clogged up by person stacking, and inner wall meets cloth stacking, and person stacking is used together. As for the building stones, Ryukyu limestone is used, and size becomes 3.4m in width, 1.9m in height, 4.4m in depth. Was appointed in tangible folk cultural assets of village on June 16, 1995.


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Name ganoku (ganya)
Coordinate 26.304691, 127.791041


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