Rice which is kind to both body to make with local ingredients and heart

Photograph of pasta menu

Small rice person of village in place where we climbed thin alley while seeing the East Coast in long distance.
"We thought that we wanted to make menu of local production for local consumption all the time since we held shop in Kitanakagusuku".
Lunch plate that shop sign menu which is particular about local ingredients can consume vegetables well.
It is zucchini in tomato of Z farm and leaf vegetables of sunshine farm…
Western dishes menu that it seems to be "kafesubako." that we repeat trial manufacture many times to hear voice of ingredients, and was completed.
Peperoncino that flavor of colorful vegetables and garlic is appetizing.
And hamburg and plate lunch worth eating that we are glad of marinade and pickles, substantial side menu including salad.
Will a mouthful be the skill that job that it is polite to become feeling that was contented whenever we eat and ingredients of Kitanakagusuku can do both?
It is family and lover, happiness rice to want to eat with important person.


Photograph of scenery in shop

As Usuki who worked in "Birdland Café" is opened shop, "subako." It is cafe that it is relaxing like chicken resting feather

Photograph of dishes

As, in garnish being substantial, even eating out wants you to eat a lot of vegetables

Photograph of scenery in shop

The comfortable shop which it is calm, and relaxed time flows through

Photograph of recommended menu

If eat once; repeat certain no beef stroganoff. Affinity that thick demiglace sauce and juicy meat are excellent

Detailed information

For name, address, parking lot, business hours of each spot, we list detailed information including telephone on regular holiday.
Name kafesubako.
Website http://subaco.ti-da.net/
Address 264-4, Chunjun, Kitanakagusuku-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa #69
Parking lot Available
Reservation Priority
Business hours LUNCH 11:00-18:00 (L.O.17:00), CAFE 14:00-18:00 (L.O.17:00)
Regular holiday On Friday
Telephone 098-989-6282


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