Azama coffee

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This who can enjoy organic coffee from Peru with a little handling in Japan is the repeater series in the mellow flavor and mellow taste.
As there is gift item, please come to souvenir.



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It is discerning coffee person only as for the Peruvian beans. Story about Peruvian coffee of owner took its ease with fascination and had square. Coffee from experience to go to interior of Peru is very actually tasteful with the story; (^^)!

  • 2020.02.18
  • By Tomoya Ogoshi

We can enjoy delicious coffee from Peru. Mint coffee or flavor of oddball are good, too.

  • 2019.09.07
  • By Yoshi-aki Shimada

Thank you for giving an advice in various ways.

  • 2019.05.05
  • By Hirokazu Takahashi

We can buy coffee beans of own house roast. Beans were had organic cultivation of in Peru. Of course we can have freshly brewed coffee in shop. Hand drip courses are held regularly, too.

  • 2017.07.30
  • By Aya Watanabe

It is small cafe. There is flavor of faint roast when we open door. Though the shop is simple, it understands good sense of owner. He/she blends coffee which ☕️ is good at.

  • 2017.10.04


Detailed information

For name, address, parking lot, business hours of each spot, we list detailed information including telephone on regular holiday.
Name Azama coffee
Address 24, Chunjun, Kitanakagusuku-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa
Parking lot Available
Reservation Unnecessary
Business hours 10:00-18:00
Regular holiday Saturday
Telephone 098-989-5233


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