The Rose Garden

Authentic taste to enjoy in shop with full of the good old mood of the United States.
American breakfast to enjoy in Okinawa.

Photograph of RoseGarden sweets

This which rose is felt everywhere in shop is retro country-like shop reminding of restaurant of county town of the United States according to the store's name that owner came from from favorite rose.
We can thoroughly enjoy real breakfast of American owner pride.
Point that what provides dishes which we can be satisfied with from soup to feelings, main, dessert and last mouthful is glad.
It is sure that it enlivens trip feeling at genuine American restaurant which American runs from morning.



by Google Place

Old American-style diner. It is along way near Rycom. Western food restaurant which is delicious at price that there is history (management mother's body seems to have changed recently), and is reasonable. A lot of nature of the occasion United States officer connection has good atmosphere, too.

  • 2020.02.14
  • By Manabu Ishida

We can taste American atmosphere. There are many visitors considered to be able to come from U.S. base nearby. All the dishes are the volume that seems to be good with one article in American size for two people. It is delicious and is reasonable price.

  • 2020.01.01
  • By Makoto Hayashi

It is the second visit. We come to love with the first, At last we were able to go to the second! It is delicious in boryumi As there are a lot of menus, too We do not get tired no matter how much we go! High-quality arabica is very delicious, and cake arranged to ♡ showcase which we can have a refill of looks very delicious We want to eat very much, As there are many menus of rice We cannot eat. As we can take to go if we cannot eat, we conspire in that way to eat cake this time. Everybody is gentle brightly, and staff is openhearted, too. As foreign countries of residence seemed to go with half, sightseeing, half of the hometowns can taste foreign countries feeling. We think that we let you cut parking lot as it is rather much, and the number of the seats is stopped. As there is safety zone and becomes opposite direction when we go from the Naha-shi area We will make a detour. As there is bus stop near by bus, we arrive on foot in 2 or 3 minutes. It was around 40 minutes from Naha.

  • 2019.12.14
  • By MISA

We went by her advice. We went in ranch at 1/1 around 13:00, but were crowded. We waited for around 15 minutes, and, in seat, half was foreigner. We wanted to eat waffle, but ordered pancake and bacon, set of scrambled eggs by out of stock. As it was not stomach pekoe pekoe, eating up was hard, but pancake was soft and fluffy, and bacon was juicy thick, and it was delicious. Atmosphere is good and is shop without girl and difference between appealing if we go.

  • 2020.01.03
  • By K Yokoyama

Well-established American restaurant. Morning is quite popular shop, too. We came to have dinner today. Wonderful restaurant where both taste and the volume are good for with calm atmosphere. When we have dinner, we have meat, but pasta is recommended, too. There are many people with family, too and is cozy. We recommend that we go early immediately in the morning as it is popularity as it becomes full. It is not Okinawan cuisine, but is shop to be able to enjoy one side of different Okinawa. 🍷 where wine was reasonable price, but very delicious wine was even on

  • 2019.11.15
  • By Junichi Akiyama


Detailed information

For name, address, parking lot, business hours of each spot, we list detailed information including telephone on regular holiday.
Name The Rose Garden
Address 165-1, Yagibaru, Kitanakagusuku-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa
Parking lot Available
Rate, mean budget Payment for the dollar is possible
Reservation Reservation required
Business hours From 8:00 to 24:00 (LO:23:45)
Regular holiday Year round
Telephone 098-932-2800


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