Baked confectionery toyachimunno shop hosana

Okinawa of little-known spot to enjoy in time going by relaxedly

Photograph of appetizing baked confectionery

"yachimun" is "grilled dish" in dialect of Okinawa.
Homemade cakes which valued material same taste line up without being additive-free, and using fragrance in small shop in hill.
Roast Kashiya who wants you to visit that likes yachimun as we establish ceramic art classroom toyachimun sale by all means.
As for the baked confectionery which makes use of scone, chiffon cake, the subject matter including pound cake, and is made, it is exquisite feeling with flavor of material with fluffy texture with moisture with moisture.
We sell container coloring such a baked confectionery cutely and can purchase much ceramic art writer noyachimun works.
That as baked confectionery made carefully one by one is just right for price, there are many visitors doing as souvenir.
Eat-in can add homemade jam and cream to caliber of "love ceramic art" by possibility in shop, too.
How about enjoying baked confectionery and coffee in shop full of warmth of tree?


Photograph of scenery in shop

In shop full of warmth other than baked confectionery in niyachimunno sale space

Photograph of appetizing baked confectionery

Scone which we made all use of handmade additive-free material in uses fermented butter

Detailed information

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Name Baked confectionery toyachimunno shop hosana
Address 970, Adaniya, Kitanakagusuku-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa park side #1702
Parking lot Available
Reservation Unnecessary
Business hours 11:30-18:00
Regular holiday Sunday and Monday
Telephone 090-3410-5563


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